• Essay:

    Big History seeks to evoke in you an appreciation for the immensity of science and a longing for the greatest story ever told.

  • Video:

    Backed by stunning illustrations, historian David Christian narrates the story of the entire universe, from the big bang to the Internet, in a riveting 18 minutes.

  • Essay:

    What knowledge of science, culture and civilization would you most want to pass on to the surviving humans as they faced the prospect of adapting to a new environment and...

  • Video:

    Watch Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack's TEDx Talk.

  • Essay:

    The four dimensions in the Great Matrix of Being give us four ways of measuring reality -- by time, by scale, by energy density flow, and by thresholds of emergent complexity....

  • Essay:

    Humans now consume some 18 trillion watts of energy in a variety of forms. Every aspect of our contemporary lives depends on this tremendous flow of energy.

  • Blog:
    Environmentalists might applaud a planet at the turn of the next century with 2 billion fewer people than today. The economic consequences, however, could be catastrophic.
  • Essay:

    What is the lifetime of our communicative civilization? Will our civilization make it through the 21st century intact? Is there a “Great Filter” of self-destruction that limits...

  • Essay:

    This is the new chart for the new cosmology. It is the most comprehensive compendium of scientific facts on a single page I know. No reason to leave home without one of these...

  • Blog:
    littleBIG History is a revolutionary interactive timeline that lets you explore world history on an unprecedented scale - from the first miliseconds after big bang to the present...
  • Video:

    When it comes to futurists, there are pessimists and there are enthusiasts. Jason Silva brings a new meaning to the latter.

  • Essay:

    We now have a loom on which to weave the many pieces of truth we discover. That loom is the history of our species over the last million plus years, the evolution of our planet...

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William Grassie introduces the Metanexus symposium on Teaching Big History with a short talk entitled "Big History, Big Problems, Big Questions."
Tiffany Shlain
Check out Tiffany Shlain's AOL original online series of short videos on big questions about our high-tech world.
Ian Barbour
We remember Ian Barbour, who passed away on Christmas Eve 2013, by featuring his keynote lecture at the 2006 Metanexus conference.
"Reality is my God and evidence is my scripture. Big History is my creation story and ecology is my theology. Integrity is my salvation and right relationship to reality is my mission.."
Bob Bain's TEDx talk on how the Big History Project is solving big problems in our schools.
The Universe Verse is the 13.7 billion year history of everything in 90 pages of illustrated verse produced by James Lu Dunbar.

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