Jonathan Weidenbaum

Published Articles

I will discuss, and refute, a number of classic arguments against the pantheistic/panentheistic worldview.

A Ph.D. in Philosophy, Jonathan Weidenbaum has enjoyed a long infatuation with the study of comparative religions. A professor of Liberal Arts in Manhattan, he enjoys a regular dialogue with young people of every background- from Portugal to Palestine, China to Trinidad. Once specializing in Continental philosophy, he is currently immersed in the American philosophical tradition. Jon has a passion for the insights of James, Dewey, and Whitehead, and his topics of interest range from the problem of evil to the nature of the self. A phenomenologist by training, he sees a future in the marriage of two formerly disparate goals: The art of doing justice to the texture of lived experience, and the struggle to restore the broader and bolder forms of philosophical speculation.

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