Lucio Florio

Published Articles

Attempts to achieve a “universalis scientia” since the Modern age have crashed against the permanent temptation of syncretism.

Lucio Florio is Dr. in Theology for the Universidad Catlica Argentina. He teaches at the Philosophy School and at the Theology School of that University and at the Santo Toms de Aquino University, both of them in Buenos Aires. Florio has written many articles about Trinitarian theology and about topics of theology of creation. Florio is the leader of the La Plata Metanexus LS and he has the direction of a books collection on Science and Religion (Ciencia y religin en dilogo, Editorial Epifana, Buenos Aires). He is the president of the Fundacin Dilogo entre Ciencia y Religin (DECYR) of Argentina (

Lucio Florio is priest of the Roman Catholic Church, of La Plata Archdioceses.


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